How Psychologist / Counselor Can Help You with Depression or Anxiety or Stress

In the 21-century depression anxiety stress become the buss words. Out of the 10, 6-7 people are suffering from depression or anxiety.  Every individual is facing stress and saneness in his life.  However, prolongs sadness and anxiety leads to depression.  Depression is one kind of disease and the good news is that it’s curable. One has to identify that he or she is suffering from depression and need to find out a psychologist or counselor, who can help you with depression or anxiety, or stress.

What is Depression?

Depression is a mental illness in which the suffering individual developed the feeling of sadness, loneliness, emptiness, hopelessness, and lacks of interests in every aspect of life.

Every individual once in a while is gone through the phase of depression. Anyone can be suffered from mental illness, but it is more common in adults compared with children.

Why people are suffering from the Depression of Anxiety?

The main reason for the depression is stress. All factors of life are interdependent. If you lost balance in one area of life it impacts others too and leads you towards stress. The following are few factors that are responsible for depression.

  1. Sudden changes in the lifestyle
  2. Imbalanced work and life
  3. Series of failures
  4. Over expectations from life and self
  5. Desired to be the perfect
  6. Lack of exercises
  7. Loss of interest in activities.
  8. Withdrawal from friends and family.
  9. Thoughts of death or suicide.
  10. Unhealthy relationships
  11. Changes in sleep patterns.
  12. Appetite changes.
  13. Chronic pain, headaches, or stomachaches.

Depression is debilitating for those who have to experience or suffering from it. But it is treatable. There are many good psychologists who can help you to deal with the systems and overcome depression.

Depending upon the level of depression you are facing, the therapist implements the various methodologies.

Talk therapy or cognitive therapy –

It is the first step psychologist take to deal with depression and anxiety. This consultant asks series of questions to understand the change in behavior, the reason for the sadness or depression, observer change, and change in the thought process and thinking ability. The therapist even engages you with various activates like writing a journal, noting down the mood swings.

This method gives clues to the therapist to reach the main reason for the depression.  Once, your therapist understands the cause, he or she will conduct counseling sessions, teach you various exercises or methods to fight stress, anxiety, and depression.

Talk therapy and cognitive therapy not only help you deal with mild depression, but it also lets you understand the cause. The strategy given by the therapist will help you to identify the depression, the moment it starts triggering. This gives relief and helps with coping with the depression.


It is one of the common therapies used by the psychologist to treat the depression. When the individual is failure to respond to the talk theory, then consult the use of mediation.   The treatment can last for short time or long depending upon the intensity of the anxiety and depression.  However, before prescribing the medication psychologist consider various factored like possible side effects, cost of the medication, current health issues, the level of symptoms.

Living with depression can be dangerous over a period of time. It is very important to find a consultant at an early stage of depression; the psychologist knows how to deal with your problem by identifying your thoughts, pattern of behavior, and feelings. A psychologist or counselor can help you to deal with the depression or anxiety or stress by guiding and implanting the techniques to better manage the symptoms.


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